Fri, Aug 29, 2014

Welcome to the EATC


Welcome to the Education Agent Training Course offered by International Education Services

The purpose of the course is to:

  • Provide education agents with information about the Australian education system and Australia as a study destination, education quality assurance issues and the Australian visa regulation system;
  • Keep agents abreast of changes and developments in the international education services; and
  • Encourage and support excellence in business service delivery, study and career pathways and professional development.


NOTE: The EATC will not provide its clients with information about how to set up or operate an Education Agency in Australia or overseas; individuals need to contact the relevant Authorities in their country for requirements and procedures (for more information, see FAQ20).

The course will cover four areas:

  • Australia, the AQF and Career Trends (AQF)
  • Legislation and Regulations (REG)
  • Working Effectively in International Education (WEF)
  • Professional Standards and Ethics (ETH)

The EATC is delivered online via this website which contains readings, links to related resources, self assessment tasks (often in the form of case studies), and self-paced tutorial exercises including self-monitoring multiple choice questions. Please note that PIER does not provide hard copies of the EATC learning material, the course material is entirely online.

Who can benefit from this course?

  • Practicing agents: the EATC provides up-to-date information about international education in Australia
  • New staff members at agencies; the EATC is an excellent training tool for new counsellors
  • Individuals wishing to enter the international education industry as agents (with or without previous experience)

Pre-requisites: There are no qualification or specific language requirements to the EATC (However, a minimum IELTS score of 5.0 would be advisable for English as a Second Language learners).

Agents can access and use the training material at no cost as many times as they wish. The EATC is delivered online, and continuously available. For access, please register for the EATC (registration is free of charge).

Those wishing to become Qualified Education Agent Counsellors need to undertake the Formal Assessment of the Education Agent Training Course at a cost of AUD$400*.

Please note that the Education Agent Training Course has been developed for the training of education agents. Because of the specialised nature of the course material the formal assessment test is only available to the individuals above (i.e. new staff members at agencies, practicing education agents, or those who are entering the industry as education agent).

Agents can currently take the formal assessment test in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth in Australia and several locations around the Globe: India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, South America, Mexico, Dubai, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Education agents who have succesfully completed the formal assessment are listed as Qualified Education Agent Counsellors. To see a list of these agents, click here.

*Cost may vary. This will be stated at the time of booking.